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In order to meet customer needs and enable the company to develop steadily, SKYCUT plans to move to a new factory!
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On the morning of April 19, 2021, SKYCUT held a staff meeting. In order to meet the needs of our customers for our products, and to meet our company’s better development, after conducting a public opinion survey on all employees and obtaining the consent of the majority of employees , The company decided to relocate to Dabang Science and Technology park at the end of May 2021. Dabang Science and Technology Park is located at No. 229 Qingshui Road, Longgang District, 3.8 kilometers away from the current factory. The entire factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters, which is four times of the existing factory. The surrounding transportation is convenient, which can better meet the current and future production needs.

After previous public opinion surveys on the relocation from employees, in order to thank the employees for their support and dedication to the company, the general manager announced a reward plan for the employees who agreed to relocate,and introduced the dining, accommodation, travel, shopping and other facilities around the new factory, given to ensure that the surrounding facilities of the new factory can meet the needs of employees for food, clothing, housing, and cultural spirit.

At present, the renovation of the new factory has started and will be completed in early May,and  our company will relocate as planned at the end of May. We try our best to ensure to complete the production tasks while relocating. We will take this relocation as an opportunity to stand on a new height, produce higher quality products, provide customers with better services, and let SKYCUT be based on domestic and internationally, and become a world-renowned brand!