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Free health check-ups for staff | SKYCUT organises free health check-ups for all staff
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In order to create a good working life atmosphere, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, and enhance the health awareness and physical quality of the staff. on the morning of 13 November 2021, under the kind care of the company's leadership, the Human Resources and Administration Department of SKYCUT organized an annual free health check-up for all staff.

The medical check-up activity was highly valued by the general manager of SKYCUT, who specially instructed the relevant departments to make reasonable arrangements for the medical check-up and reminded them of the matters to note in order to achieve the best medical check-up effect.

The medical check-ups included ultrasound, electrocardiogram, routine blood tests, blood pressure measurement and a dozen other tests. The medical examination equipment was brought to the company by doctors from medical examination institutes, and the medical examination process was arranged in a compact and efficient manner. In the morning, colleagues took blood samples on an empty stomach and received a nutritious breakfast after the ultrasound. Colleagues queued up on their own in an orderly manner and helped each other, reflecting the high quality of the staff of Skycut.

This activity aims to keep employees informed of their health status through medical check-ups, so that they can know and prevent early without illness, and adjust and treat early with illness. Through medical check-ups, the staff felt the care of the company, fully mobilized their enthusiasm for work, enhanced their sense of belonging, strengthened the cohesion of the enterprise and promoted the healthy and harmonious development of the company.